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The Power of Now
28 Mar

The Power of Now

The Power of Now is one of the most influential books in self-help. It has sold millions of copies and has been recommended by Oprah Winfrey. It teaches the reader how to separate themselves from

How to Find Joy in the Everyday Moments of Now
02 Apr

How to Find Joy in the Everyday Moments of Now

If you find yourself in a state of constant sadness, depression or hopelessness, then it may be time to turn your focus to finding joy again. One of the easiest ways to find joy is

Living in the Now
09 Apr

Living in the Now

Living in the Now is a practice that can be very beneficial for your well-being and mental health. It helps you avoid anxiety and stress caused by thinking too much about the past or future.

Carpe Diem and Embracing the Now
16 Apr

Carpe Diem and Embracing the Now

If you’ve ever seen a motivational poster, heard an encouraging message, or spotted a tattoo of carpe diem, then you’ll know that this Latin aphorism is a big deal. But few people understand its true


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